Emotional to Physical

How the emotional state can have a huge impact on the physical one

How many people do you know that seem to be plagued, no matter how much treatment or physio they have with bad backs, necks, skin problems, sinusitis, migraines, digestive disorders, ongoing illnesses….the list is endless! I for one have known and do know quite a few.  Why do they never seem to make good progress?  Why do they make a recovery only to find 6 months down the line, wham, it reappears once more?  Quite simply because many physical problems have manifested from undealt emotions and we have to look at the body as a whole and therefore treat it as one.  Let me explain a little more……..

We all have mental thought patterns, opinions, beliefs and fears that come from learned behaviour.  As a baby we are completely neutral and know nothing but love.  But, as we grow, we learn all about the world and our opinions are shaped by our experiences during this time.  We store all of this information like a computer database does so it is always there, somewhere, even if its right at the very back.  Then, days,months or years down the line, something can happen which will, out of the blue trigger one of these stored memories to pop up, even if you are not consciously aware of it at that time.  OK I hear you saying, whats so wrong with this?  Well nothing if the emotions attached to these beliefs, memories and experiences are good happy loving ones that leave us feeling at ease.  But, if they are negative emotions that are attached and are allowed to keep a place in your database, then they can simply play havoc with you physically if they are not dealt with causing DIS-EASE within the body.  The term “metaphysical causation’s” simply means the power in words and thoughts that create our reality and experience. Take a look at just one of hundreds of examples below……

A child that grew up having never had the time to be listened to, told to be quiet, don’t be silly, wait your turn, don’t shout out, we’re not interested, not now are just a few statements that will have enabled that child to grow up believing that their opinion is not worth saying or nobody will be interested in what they have to say.  This then becomes part of their mental thought process (MTP) that is always there.  A situation then arises where they feel injustice or the need to speak out but can’t because this MTP prevents them from doing so.  From little niggles in relationships to problems at work this goes on and on through life.  Eventually, the mind cannot cope with this MTP anymore so to rid itself it manifests into a physical ailment…..yes you guessed it, the throat.  It could be recurrent laryngitis or tonsillitis to name but a few.

Another example…..

A case study regarding a lady with a chronic bad back that the doctors could find no medical reason for eventually realised that she had created this through her own MTP.  The story in brief was that she had not long since been retired when her daughter asked if she would look after her child so she could go back to work part time.  No problem, mum agreed and everything was fine.  A year or so later her hours were upped and mum starting having child all week. Then baby number 2 came along and yes, mum started having this one too.  Eventually she grew to resent this as there never came any thanks, dinner invitations etc whereby the in-laws were always invited out, holidays etc..  Her resentment grew but she feared if she said anything then her relationship with her daughter would be jeopardized.  This anger and resentment manifested in a bad back which got so bad that she couldn’t manage the children anymore so they went into a nursery.  After a while the bad back got steadily better but was still an issue so mum and daughter sat down to chat about care plans for the children.  Eventually, mum told the daughter how she felt and it was agreed they would stay at nursery.  Two months later mum’s bad back completely went and to this day it’s still fine.  I have shortened this greatly and it was through many sessions it worked out that this had been the trigger point for the emotion of resentment and anger and she needed to fully release them and also want to be free of this condition for it to be completely dealt with.

These are just two examples of how emotions can impact on us physically.  Very often we have little warning signs or symptoms and if we choose to ignore them then much bigger problems will manifest.

When we look a little deeper into ourselves the answer is almost always there if we choose to listen, giving us the opportunity to help our healing journey.  Reiki and Meditation are a great opportunity to allow ourselves the time and space to delve a little further and discover what really lies beneath.


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